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In February 2021, Stoney Washington, Founder received a call from a

college student who hadn't eaten in three days. After reaching out to the

church where he was serving on staff as Missions Pastor, he and the church

were able to provide more than two months of food for the student and

a few of his classmates. Following this event, the hunger needs in the

community became more apparent to Stoney who would soon feel an

overwhelming conviction to help. 


By April of 2021, Stoney began seeking God for direction. One night

while Stoney was asleep, God gave him a dream about a warehouse with

the name Soul Food - Food Pantry on it. The warehouse was filled with people from the local community, praying, crying with joy, and searching through shelves that contained food, clothing, and resources. 

After this God given dream, Stoney began to meet knowledgable people who would now mentor him. Within a few month's time, Stoney opened two classroom food pantries at a local college and one at a local high school. He would also begin to receive almost daily calls from people who were in need.

His conviction grew stronger. 


By September, Stoney felt God's calling to step out on faith by pursuing the Food Pantry full-time. As of today, Soul Food is actively pursuing partnerships with local schools, churches, and organizations. We are also focused on community outreach and student mentorship.

If you are in need or know someone in need of any resources please reach out to Soul Food directly.

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Stoney Washington, Founder


Our mission at Soul Food is to increase access to Healthy food options to communities in the Dallas Ft Worth area. We want to relieve the physical, spiritual, and hunger needs in Dallas, TX by providing food education, mentorship, and other available resources.  Our desire is to promote hope and make sure that all people know, there is always a seat at the table of Jesus, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Core Values

Faith that continues to walk on water.

Hope in God's promise of His unfailing love.

Compassion for all people.

Mercy in situations that don't seem likely.

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